Divo 71

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Divo 71 replaces Astro 32 and Jubi 433 series remotes

Divo 71 is a self learning ,rolling code 433.92 MHz 4 button remote

Compatible with Astro 43  and Jubi 433 series that are replaced by it

Can be programmed directly from Astro and Jubi remotes

Available also in Lime,Lilac and Mustard

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Charcoal, Lime, Lilac, Mustard




To Program remote

To switch from Astro 43 and Jubi433 compatibility mode

Place remotes no more than 5 cm apart

Press buttons 1 and 4 simultaneously for 5 seconds

Select Astro43 mode or Jubi 433 mode

Press and hold button 1 and simultaneously press button 2 twice

3 confirmation flashes, then Divo 71 led turns into fixed light

Press and hold or press continuously any one button of Astro 43 or Jubi until

Divo led gives 3 flashes

Programming Video

Watch Programming Video