ACDC are a leading provider of Manual Bollards throughout Sydney. Made from quality and sturdy materials, you can be assured that these long lasting Manual Bollards do the job to protect your home or business.

ACDC can  install these Manual Bollards to ensure they are secure and function as intended.

We have a variety of Manual Bollards to suit your specific needs, whether it is to prevent vehicles from hitting property or traffic control.


Spartan SPT90R-ST-W5  Keylock and Padlock removable bollard

  • Ideal uses include protection from ram raid style attacks, open areas such as car yards, roller doors, driveways.
  • Extra heavy duty galvanised pipe 90mm
  • 200mm section in ground


Sicu & Sibli

  • Fixed (Sicu) & Removable (Sibli)
  • Stainless and armoured steel
  • Burglar-proof
  • Ram raid preventing 

  Product Information – Sicu 18          Installation Manual- Sicu 18

  Product Information – Sibli


  • Accessory for safeguarding and customising parking spaces
  • It is ideal for car parks in units, residential complexes and the workplace.
  • Fixed to the ground and is ready for immediate installation.
  • Released using a customised, encoded key and can be folded down to ground level, leaving the parking space free
  • Stainless steel or painted finish

   Product Information          Installation Manual

Not sure which Manual Bollard best suits your home or business? ? Give us a call at 02 9525 9588 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.