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ACDC carries a range of Safety accessories for the Sliding, Swing Gates and Boom Gates we provide across Sydney.

ACDC accessories have been designed and produced with the most advanced technology to ensure maximum reliability and easy installation for use with its range of gates, doors and barrier automation products.

All the components are of tested for reliability, guaranteed by our long technical experience in designing and developing photocells.

Mirri Flashing Warning Light

  • Provides extra safety via pre-waring when gate movement is about to happen
  • Can be attached to flat and round surfaces
  • Available in 24v and 240v
  • High visibility even in harsh weather conditions
  • Energy saving bulb

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Diffo 330 Safety Beam

  • Consists of a projector and a receiver working with high frequency, modulated, infra-red light
  • Designed for external post or wall mounting and provides safe auto entry/exit control
  • Made of highly resistant materials enclosed in a container of nylon and glass fibers
  • Whenever the invisible, modulated ray of light is interrupted by an obstacle, some electronic components are automatically operated until the obstacle is removed or moves beyond the beam of light
  • The DIFO 330 units are constructed by experts at MECCANICA FADINI, a company whose prestige is synonymous with construction perfection

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Polo44 Safety Beam

  • A safety device consisting of an infrared, modulated light projector and receiver to create an invisible beam barrier which protects an area of operation in case the beam is interrupted by an obstacle
  • On Interrupting the beam of light, the internal relay switch changes instantaneously from normally closed to open, and a safety control system is activated
  • The receiver unit is fitted with an internal red led, which illuminates when an obstacle interposes between the photocells and cuts the beam of light
  • The projector and the receiver are to be aligned and centered for a correct performance

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Fit 55 Safety Beams

  • Suitable for both surface and recess mounting applications.
  • Easy to install and align, all electronic components are securely enclosed inside a water-tight, spherical container
  • 12V – 24V alternate or direct power supply
  • Maximum distance range 30m

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Orbita 57 Wireless Beam

  • Adjustable to meet all installation requirements
  • Wireless: for quick and simple installation. We cut down installation costs and time. (transmitter powered by 2 AAA 1.5V batteries)
  • Synchronised to create a protective barrier free from interference
  • Innovative and elegant design to fit perfectly in any setting
  • The rubber profile protects against damages due to impacts or crashing
  • Three safety microswitches can detect obstacles even of very small size.Detection of front or side deformations.
  • LED alignment for perfect centering
  • Range: 12m – 8m (battery-operated)
  • Power supply: 12-24 Vdc/ac
  • Reduced dimensions: 40x98x38mm

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Safety Wire Edge

  • Reduce damages due to impacts or crashing
  • Three safety micro-switches: can detect obstacles even of very small size
  • Detection of front or side deformations
  • Tested and certified in compliance with the European standards in force EN 12978 and EN 13489-2 and when combined with the ORBITA 57

Product Information

Cardin Safety Beams

  • Transmitter and receiver housed in a waterproof plastic case
  • Self locking adjustable lens which can be rotated horizontally through 90° and vertically through plus or minus 30° with respect to the standard installation position
  • Base plate in thermoplastic rubber and lens cover with holding gasket
  • Double relay with serial exchange
  • It is possible to connect up to 3 pairs of photocells and synchronize the transmission (multiplex system)

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Not sure which Safety Item best suits your home or business? Give us a call at 02 9525 9588 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.